Makoto Nagano
President and Representative Director

Makoto Nagano

In May 2019, JLL Morii Valuation & Advisory K.K. ("JLL Morii") successfully completed its integration with JLL K.K. Valuation department and made a major breakthrough as "the one and only real estate appraisal firm in Japan" with 2 significant competitive advantages, "a long-standing reliable and proven track record in Japan local market" and "a global network and expertise of JLL group to address a wide range of client needs”. We also increased the number of Licensed real estate appraisers actively, enabling us to provide both qualitatively and quantitatively industry-leading services in a broad range of areas, not limited to the Japanese domestic real estate market, but also in inbound and outbound transactions.

We consider it as our "raison d'être" to work hard and embrace challenges to help our clients achieve ambitions which are becoming increasingly diversified, sophisticated and globalized along with the rapid changes in the society and markets. We have so far widened our coverage from traditional real estates to new types of assets, firstly to securitized real estate, then operational assets, such as solar power generation and health care facility. Recently we have been expanding our scope to newer types of assets, such as self-storage, data center and student housing. While positioning the real estate appraisal business with many years of experience and proven track record as our core business, we aim to become a "Comprehensive Valuation Company" capable to handle a wider range of valuation business to address various social needs. In addition to “real estate appraisal/valuation service”, we deliver other services such as “valuation service of non-real estate assets”, “research/market report service” and “consulting/advisory service by leveraging JLL group’s global network and wide service lineup”. In order to further improve our client satisfaction, we will continue to develop our business by quickly and properly capturing our client needs.

As we pursue our objective to be an advanced firm capable to respond to the increasingly complex needs of the times and society, and help our clients solve problems and achieve ambitions, we provide various new upskilling opportunities and challenges to our appraisers. We will continue to work on appraisal business in a prudent, neutral and fair manner, by constantly asking ourselves how and what we can do to further contribute to our clients and the society as "real estate" and "valuation" professionals.


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