Real Estate Appraisal / Valuation

We have enough expertise and strenghts to respond to various requests including but not limited to real estate appraisal, evaluation of other types of assets, such as machinery, equipment and inventory, and business feasibility study. Our goal is to help our clients achieve their ambitions.

Real Estate Appraisal / Valuation Service for Japanese Properties

Flexible services are available upon your request, such as purpose of valuation, scope of work, schedule, etc.

Public / Private REIT

Our rate of participation for both J-REIT and private REIT accounts for as high as approx. 40%, and is the top player for REIT evaluation.

Japanese and International Investors / AMs and Developers

Entrusted with valuations for more than 1,000 cases every year. We are capable of providing a wide range of services.

Financial Institutions

Rich experience in collateral valuation and in providing second opinion. Capable of providing advisory service for collateral valuation system design.

Business Corporations

Appraisals for impairment accounting, market valuation of rental properties, and valuation for M&As or IPOs.

National Government, Public Agencies, and Local Governments

Rich experience in valuation for national government, public agencies and local governments.

Lawyers and Tax Accountants , etc.

Rich experience in valuation for lawsuits, bankruptcy cases, inheritances or successions.

Nationwide coverage for various types of assets.


General Real Estate Properties

Offices, Residentials, Condominiums, Vacant Lands, etc.


Real Estate Properties For Business Purposes (Operational Assets)

Logistics, Retail (in metropolitan / suburban), Hotels, Healthcare Facilties, Hospitals, Solar Power Plants, Wind Power Plants, Data Centers, Self Storages, Student Houses, Nurseries, Aquarium, Refrigeration Facilities, etc.


Other Real Estate Properties

Airports, Ports, Railways, Golf Courses, Farmlands, Forests, Reservoirs, Submerged Lands, etc.


Other Rights

Air Right, Sectional Surface Right, Easement, Leasehold, Tenant Right, Quarrying Right, Hot Spring Right, Valuation as of past date, etc.

Service Flow

(1) Inquiry

  • - Preliminary consultation is welcomed. Preliminary value estimation and appraisal quote are free of charge.

(2) Official Engagement & Property Information

  • - Execution of Engagement Contract
  • - Provision of Property Information

(3) Site Inspection

  • - Site inspection to be conducted with or without attendace of client depending on the scope
  • - Identification and survey of various factors having impact on the property value through interviews at the authorities and market analysis.

(4) Estimate Appraisal Value

  • - Estimation and report of appraisal value (Draft Appraisal Report submitted as per request. )

(5) Delivery

  • - Delivery of Final Appraisal Report

Real Estate Appraisal / Valuation Service for Overseas Properties

JLL's Global Network

We also cover overseas properties with the cooperation of JLL Group's global network.
JLL Group Valuation Teams operate in approx. 40 countries globally, whereas the total annual appraised value reaches approx. USD 2 trillion.
For foreign properties valuation, we collaborate with experienced and certified valuers of foreign JLL valuation team.
And also we have 3 MRICS and 1 MAI valuers who have enough experties for foreign assets valuation and provide our clients with one-stop services. This is why our services can be much quicker and reliable.
With respect to outbound investments, which have expanded in recent years, we support our clients' "direct investments" (purchases of overseas properties) by providing real estate appraisals or/and market reports on the subject properties, while we assist their "indirect investments" (investments in investment vehicles investing in overseas properties such as REITs and funds) by providing fund analysis reports (including investment manager due diligence) to them.


Collateral Valuation / Due Diligence


We provide individual collateral valuation service and advice on designing collateral valuation systems


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